Our aim is to create a computer literate community evolving around the mobile world that has shape the current way we interact. We have successfully done that by giving trainings and creating innovative ways with our clients through newfound social medias.

We tend to work not for our clients but with our clients on a project. We provide platforms for our clients  to market themselves via products and services through branded apps. iOS apps are software that anyone can install on their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to add unique functionality, further engage your audience with your brand, and help market your business.

These iOS apps can take many different forms, from Map applications, RSS feed readers, video players to business cards to contest solutions. The iOS platform offers countless apps for marketers, but creating a unique app of your own has become widely popular among marketers.

Riding on the popularity of the iOS devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch gives your company a competitive edge. We assist you from designing until completing your finish app.

We have the required expertise and proven ability to provide a complete solution under one roof for all kinds of small to medium business that requires our services.

Our 1-stop New Media Services include:

  • IT Trainings specializing in Mac Related training and Mobile iOS Apps Development
  • Mobile Apps & Games development including Android, iOS and Windows 8
  • Apps development, marketing & promotions
  • ePublishing & eBook design development
  • IT Project Management & Consultancy
  • Web hosting & Domain registration
  • Website development & design
  • Online webcasting and webinar
  • Local & Online marketing

What can we propose to your organization:

  • Co-Branded Mobile Apps Development
  • Mobile Games for Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing for your Mobile Apps
  • Staff training on Apps Development
  • Cloud workflow training