This vertical is very niche. Increasing professionalism and aggression characterize today’s cyber-attacks. While in the past these were mostly carried out by individual hackers who wanted to demonstrate their skills to secure their reputation in the network community, today’s attacks are often prepared meticulously and executed with near-military precision, using professional tools.

These attacks are the work of global organizations with a high degree of expert knowledge, cash-rich and usually very well organized groups. Their strategic goal is to steal a company’s confidential information such as research and development data to strengthen their own company. Their targets include both infrastructure and individuals. Their targets could be your organization. The targets are systematically spied on over a longer period of time before the attack takes place. However, many companies do not realize that they have fallen victim to cyber-attacks.

Besides external attack, there are also a huge risk of internal data leakages. These organizations do not implement countermeasures until a real loss is identified. With advance tools available to combat the advancement of the attack, the IT department will thus be enabled to clearly identify risks and future leakages as well as attempted attacks. Not many organizations are equipped with the state-of-the-art tools for this. Do you?