Geospatial is special. The most effective decisions are always made using accurate, high quality data and that’s what Dasar Jati wish to deliver. Geospatial solutions can feed you with the expert data collection, management, and analysis that drives the highest quality projects across numerous disciplines – from civil engineering to energy development and more. Our leading edge approaches and technologies for data collection, processing, and management ensure highly accurate solutions that allow you to overcome complex challenges with confidence.

Our solutions’ sensor platform will provide you with options in your data acquisition. It is highly useful and cost effective in mapping transportation corridors, power transmission lines, floodplains, dams/levees, natural resources, wind farms, and even archaeological digs. In addition, the firm’s capabilities in multi-sensor data fusion allow you to bring together data from multiple sources and integrate it into a single operational picture of your project area. We just love to work on the field.