Big Data

Your data is everywhere. Know everything your big data is telling you with the platform that gives you everything. At Dasar Jati, we help you to bring together traditionally separate tools—data prep, in-memory acceleration, BI, analytics, and visualization to streamline big data analytics and simplify data discovery. With the tools we provide, it gives you the power to explore, analyze and question your big data in real time. Access data and extract insights without the help of IT, a single line of code or an army of consultants. Merge and mash up disparate datasets to spot trends, anticipate behavior, and ultimately, take action. Our solutions are perfectly fit for people who are curious about data, want to solve really hard problems, and don’t feel that they get what they need from spreadsheets. All you have to do is to find those data trends in disparate sources and put them together into one. We can show you how.